Rolls of double sided tapes are traditionally supplied in 50m length rolls, these are called ‘hand rolls’. Hand rolls of tape are small in diameter and are physically easier for a person to hold due to the smaller size. In our experience, these hand rolls are what almost everyone sources from their tape supplier. However, if you are looking to improve tape application efficiencies with the tape machines we supply then it’s best practice to stop using hand rolls and to switch to what we call ‘jumbo rolls’.

Why use jumbo rolls of tape?

When using tape application machines you will need to load the tape applicator head with a roll of double sided tape. The tape applicator head is the part of the machine that dispenses, cuts and applies the double sided tape to your materials. Whilst using a 50m length ‘hand roll’ of tape will work perfectly fine, it is not the most efficient way to use a tape machine. This is because a hand roll of tape will run out very quickly due to the application speed of the machine, therefore you will need to change tape rolls more often. The solution is to use jumbo rolls of tape that are 250m, 330m or a whopping 500m in length! Although changing rolls of tape on our machines is a fast and easy process, jumbo length rolls reduce unwarranted machine downtime.

Hand Roll VS Jumbo Roll

How much time will jumbo rolls save me?

Below is a real example based on one of our customers who started using their tape application machine with hand rolls and then switched to jumbo rolls of double sided tape. In short, the results show that it was 163% more productive to use jumbo length roll of tape. This translates into a 90 minute reduction in machine downtime per 6 hour shift.

Hand Roll (50m) Jumbo Roll (500m)
  Minutes Roll Lasted: 8 minutes 80 minutes
  Roll Changes in 6hr Shift: 45 roll changes 5 roll changes
  Downtime in 6hr Shift: 90 minutes 10 minutes

*results may differ based on material size,  tape length being applied and tape machine model used.

Where can I buy jumbo length rolls of tape?

Newtown supplies tape application machinery AND double sided tapes! We offer a wide range of different types of tapes in jumbo length rolls for use on your tape machine. You can visit our sister site for more information on our complete range at OR ask your assigned machine sales representative for more information.