Fully Automatic Tape Machine for E-Commerce Applications

“A taping machine to meet the demands of e-commerce packaging”

The FUZE™ E-Com is available in widths ranging from 600mm (24″) up to 1600mm (63″) wide and is fitted with an integrated vacuum feeder for fully automatic material feeding. From 1 up to 3 tape applicator heads can be fitted to the machine and it’s possible to apply both double sided and tear tapes to many types of solid cardboard and corrugated up to 7mm (9/32″) thick.  With tape application speeds up to 50m/min the machine can meet the ever increasing demands of the e-commerce packaging industry.

  • Machines from 600mm (24″) up to 1600mm (63″) wide available

  • Integrated vacuum feeder

  • European manufactured

  • 1 up to 3 tape applicator heads (including tear tape)

  • Option to use bobbin (spools) of tape

  • Tape materials up to 7mm (9/32“) thick.

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Peel and seal tape strips for e-commerce packaging.

The FUZE™ E-Com is a great solution for applying ‘peel and seal’ double sided tape and/or tear tape strips to solid cardboard and corrugated packaging. Both sheet blanks and individually die cut pieces can be automatically fed by the integrated vacuum feeder with speed and accuracy. Commonly taped items includes mailers, die cut boxes, sleeves and pillows packs for e-commerce applications. The machine can also be used for other general print finishing and POS/POP applications such as posters, display components, table talkers and much more.

  • Corrugated Boxes: Single and double wall corrugated boxes and sheet blanks (F, E, B, C, FE, EB, EC and BC flute).
  • Solid Cardboard: Die cut boxes, sleeves, mailers, pillow packs, table talkers etc (from 180gsm up to 7.2mm thick).
  • Plastics: Transparent substrates such as PVC cartons, POS/POP windows, edge strips etc.

A machine designed for e-commerce packaging production.

Vacuum Feeder

Taping Heads

Material Transportation Guides


Machine Speed Up to 50m/min
Number of Taping Heads 1,2 or 3
Touch Screen Language English (other lanuguages on request)                                 
Electrical Needs Country specific
Number of Individual Tape Spots Up to 4
Minimum Tape Spot Length 65mm
Minimum Distance Between Spots of Tape 65mm
Minimum Horizontal Distance Between Tape Strips 0mm
Tape Thickness Up to 1mm
Minimum / Maximum Tape Width 8mm - 25mm
Maximum External Tape Roll Diameter 400mm
Internal Tape Roll Diameter 76mm (pancake roll) or Bobbin Spool
Maximum Product Width 600/800/1000/1200/1600mm
Maximum Product Thickness 7.2mm (BC Flute)
Minimum Product Thickness 180gsm
Warranty Period 12 months
Price Please contact us for pricing

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