Frequently Asked Questions

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» Who is Newtown?

Newtown is the exclusive distributor of FUZE™ tape machines. Our company has operated in the self adhesive tapes industry for over 40 years, making us industry experts within our field. We are based in the United Kingdom and we ship and support machines globally. Learn more by visiting our ‘about us’ page by clicking here.

» How much do FUZE™ tape machines cost?

Please use the contact form here or call us on +44 (0) 1527 517 517 to discuss pricing. Please include your company name and location when requesting pricing information.

» Which machine model do I need? 

Our sales representatives will always help you choose the most suitable FUZE™ model for your business. We offer small format and wide format machines to suit all different types of applications.

» What is a TAPE:EZ™ taping head?

A TAPE:EZtaping head is the part of the machine that dispenses and applies the double sided tapes to your materials.

» What is a MAG:EZ™ taping head?

A MAG:EZtaping head is the part of the machine that dispenses and applies magnetic tapes to your materials. The MAG:EZtaping head is only available on the FUZE™ Industry model.

» Are your taping heads fully independent? 

Yes! Both TAPE:EZ and MAG:EZ taping heads are fully independent. This means that each taping head can be programmed via the touchscreen interface to different things. In real world terms this means that each taping head can be performing different taping jobs on the same machine at the same time. For example, one taping head could be applying complete lengths of tape and another applying multiple strips of tape (sometimes called ‘stop/start taping’).

» How many taping heads can I have on a machine?

Depending on the FUZE™ model chosen you can have anywhere from 1 up to 6 taping heads fitted to your machine.

» Do I need compressed air or three-phase power to run your machines?

No! All FUZE™ tape machines are powered by a single phase plug and no compressed air is required.

» How long does is take to setup your machines?

It typically takes less than 5 minutes to setup all FUZE™ machine models. We are confident that we supply the easiest to use systems on the market.

» How fast are your machines?

It depends on the model chosen, some of fastest models are capable of speeds up to 60m/min (adjustable based on application).

» What is the maximum thickness of materials you can tape? 

It depends on the model chosen, some models can tape materials up to 40mm (just under 1.6″).

» What types of tapes can your machinery apply? 

All FUZE™ models can apply many different types of double sided and some single sided adhesive tapes. Examples include tissue, perm peel, fingerlift, foam, red liner, 3M™ VHB™ and much more! If you need to apply a specific tape we strongly recommend you send us samples to test before placing an order.

» Can I have a demonstration of your machinery?

Yes! We encourage all our prospective customers to visit us or we can demonstrate a machine virtually over Zoom, MS Teams or WhatsApp. Use the contact form here or call us on +44 (0) 1527 517 517 to book a demonstration.

» Do you rent machinery or offer a finishing service?

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer.

» I have question that is not answered here, how can I contact you?

Use the contact form here or call us on +44 (0) 1527 517 517 (UK).