A tape application machine is designed to automatically apply double sided and/or single sided adhesive tapes. The tapes are applied to common material types such as paper, card, corrugated board, plastics and/or metals. Tape application machines are favoured over manual hand application of adhesive tapes for their increased speed and productivity in manufacturing processes. A tape application machine may also be referred to as a:

  • Tape machine
  • Double sided tape applicator
  • Double sided taping machine
  • Tape applicator
  • Auto taper
  • Machine tape dispenser


tape application machine

Applications and Uses:

Tape application machines are not limited to just one type of industry. However, some popular market sectors and commonly taped products are listed below…

Print and Point of Sale (POS): Commercial printers and POS printers apply double sided tapes to paper and non-paper based based materials. Commonly taped products include presentation folders, envelopes, posters, die cut boxes, display units, wobblers and shelf strips.

Packaging: Packaging companies that manufacture corrugated boxes will apply double sided tapes to different styles of die cut cartons and ‘amazon style’ book wraps. These are known as ‘peel and seal’ boxes and are popular for ecommerce and postal packaging.

Plastic Fabrication: Plastic fabricators who work with acrylic, PVC, polypropylene and other types of plastic will apply double sided tapes to certain products. Commonly taped products include EPOS strips, ticket holders, poster pockets and euro hooks.

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